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Cosmeceuticals designed by Elsom Research
to work with both

skin and scalp
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for Skin/Scalp Texture
  • Nanosomes™
  • raspberry ketone
  • fucoidan
  • ascorbyl palmitate
    [Vitamin C]
  • mowrah butter
    [Madhuca latifolia]
  • benzoin extract
    [Styrax benzoin]
  • pink grapefruit oil
    [Citrus paradisi]
EquiDerm for Skin/Scalp Texture
for Skin/Scalp Renewal
  • nano-Dispersicles™
  • anti-oxidant vitamins
  • skin resurfacing ingredients
  • aromatic essential oils
Giga-C for Skin/Scalp Renewal
for Skin/Scalp Elasticity
  • conjugated linoleic acid
  • oil/water extract of chia seeds
    [Salvia hispanica]
  • cetyl myristoleate
  • methyl sulphonyl methane
  • monolaurin
    [glyceryl laurate]
LinoCare for Skin/Scalp Elasticity
for Skin/Scalp Resurfacing
  • alpha and beta hydroxy acids
  • nano-Dispersicles™
  • anti-oxidant vitamins
  • anti-bacterial components
  • skin resurfacing agents
  • aromatic essential oils
NanoFibrin for Skin/Scalp Resurfacing
Anti-Aging Cream with Resveratrol
  • rice bran oil [Oryza sativa]
  • sodium PCA
  • isosorbide (dimethyl)
  • panthenol [pro-Vitamin B5]
  • cetostearol
  • glyceryl stearate
  • glycerol
  • resveratrol [Polygonum cuspidatum]
  • ascorbyl palmitate [oil-soluble Vitamin C]
  • L-lysine [amino acid, protein building block]
  • isonicotinamide
  • essential oil of cedar [Cedrus atlantica]
  • adenosine
  • essential oil of petitgrain [Citrus aurantium]
  • kinetin [plant growth factor]
  • ethyl pyruvate
  • essential oil of rosemary [Rosmarinus officinalis]
  • zinc sulfate
  • essential oil of clove [Eugenia caryophyllus]
  • essential oil of cinnamon [Cinnamomum cassia]
  • cholecalciferol [Vitamin D3]
NanoReversitol Cream: Anti-Aging Skincare with Resveratrol
for Skin/Scalp Agility
  • capric/caprylic glycerides
  • ascorbyl palmitate
    [Vitamin C]
  • royal jelly
  • L-arginine
    [amino acid]
  • essential oil of petitgrain
    [Citrus aurantium]
NanoRoyal for Skin/Scalp Agility
Quantum Lipo
a Skin/Scalp Serum Ahead of Its TIme
  • Krillosomes™
  • pomegranate extract
    [Punica granatum]
  • kinetin
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
Quantum Lipo: a Skin/Scalp Serum Ahead of Its TIme
Anti-Aging Care for Heavily-Wrinkled or Under-Functioning Skin and Scalp
  • glycine
  • ethyl glycine
  • dimethyl glycine [DMG]
  • trimethyl glycine [betaine]
  • L-arginine
  • ethyl arginine
  • L-lysine
  • ethyl lysine
  • ethyl carnitine
  • ethyl tyrosine
  • ascorbic acid [ascorbyl palmitate]
  • dimethyl isosorbide [DMI]
  • methylsulfonylmethane [MSM]
  • gamma aminobutyric acid [GABA]
  • pyroglutamate [PCA]
  • dimethylethanolamine [DMAE]
  • choline chloride
  • panthenol
  • docosanol
V.V.N.P.: Strong Anti-Aging Skincare


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